BadKush Highscores

The hardcore-ironman attack highscores on BadKush.

Hardcore-Ironman Attack HighScores

1Dyl (Hardcore Ironman)09984,576,240
2Life (Hardcore Ironman)09917,420,426
3Linkishard (Insane Hardcore Ironman)09915,763,505
4Hcick (Hardcore Ironman)09913,871,760
5Not4Every1 (Hardcore Ironman)09913,337,120
6Immortal (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)09913,244,391
7Nab (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)09913,068,945
8Iron Evigt (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0915,919,915
9B2B (Hardcore Ironman)0905,374,599
10Wild Slut (Hardcore Ironman)0884,717,920
11ISuckAtHCIM (Hardcore Ironman)0863,688,800
12Myizaredazfk (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0853,301,160
13Hcim (Hardcore Ironman)0832,719,200
14Alt Alt Try2 (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0801,999,691
15Eeyore (Hardcore Ironman)0761,411,200
16Moot (Hardcore Ironman)0761,345,053
17Kons Blunt (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)071852,744
18HC Dagger (Hardcore Ironman)070766,040
19Fe Mark (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)070744,480
20Dontafkslay (Hardcore Ironman)068645,600
21Snawt (Hardcore Ironman)068640,533
22Already Dead (Insane Hardcore Ironman)066536,394
23Mariah (Hardcore Ironman)060275,200
24Jeff (Hardcore Ironman)058230,400
25Ew (Hardcore Ironman)055171,600
26Hc Mac (Hardcore Ironman)054163,200
27Dreamer (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)054151,213
28Cye (Hardcore Ironman)053144,000
29Fckr (Insane Hardcore Ironman)051115,676
30Girl (Insane Hardcore Ironman)050104,587
31ClownPosse (Insane Hardcore Ironman)050101,960
32Wet (Hardcore Ironman)04888,000
33Ported (Hardcore Ironman)04886,933
34420blazeit (Insane Hardcore Ironman)04041,168
35Muralose (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)04040,699
36Hcim Envy (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)04038,206
37StonedIron (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)04037,986
38Snawty (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)04037,546
39Itsamefabio (Insane Hardcore Ironman)04037,464
40No Die Pls (Insane Hardcore Ironman)04037,350
41K3 (Hardcore Ironman)03626,400
42Hc Sluttyy (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)03217,746
43It Is Valor (Hardcore Ironman)03116,000
44HC Yak Attac (Insane Hardcore Ironman)03013,384
45Tigger (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0225,968
46Whyidothis (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0225,696
47Awesome Kush (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0204,800
48Passwords V2 (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0204,560
49Hic (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0183,693
50H Im (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0121,600
51Psyctussamed (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)0111,466
52HC Nokz (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)08879
53HC V7 (Hardcore Ironman)07800
54NoDreamsHere (Hardcore Ironman)010
55Macco (Hardcore Ironman)010
56Dontdienerd (Hardcore Ironman)010
57Idontdie (Hardcore Ironman)010
58God Bud (Hardcore Ironman)010
59Silence (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)010
60Hard Zohan (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)010
610menn (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)010
62Stank Weed (Hardcore Ironman)010
63HC 999TH TRY (Hardcore Ironman)010
64Easy Mode (Insane Hardcore Ironman)010
65Im Hard (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)010
66HC DOOM (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)010
67Wildyy Hcim (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)010
68Stardog (Hardcore Ironman)010
69Mr99 Skills (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)010
70HC Mosh (Hardcore Ironman)010
71Maco (Hardcore Ironman)010
72Janoski (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)010
73Cantiron (Insane Hardcore Ironman)010
74HCdoom (Hardcore Ironman)010
75I Die Alot (Insane Hardcore Ironman)010
76Xero (Hardcore Ironman)010
77Farming (Hardcore Ironman)010
78Senor Slutty (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)010
79Spank Mr S (Hardcore Ironman)010
80Pellakas3 (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)010
81Walkinglife (Insane Hardcore Ironman)010
82Macroz (Hardcore Ironman)010
83Suki (Hardcore Ironman)010
84Weezyz (Insane Hardcore Ironman)010
85Darx (Hardcore Ironman)010
86Hardcore (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)010
87El Guapoooo (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)010
88Sarah4TheWin (Insane Hardcore Ironman)010
89Hc Macr0z (Hardcore Ironman)010
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