BadKush Highscores

The hardcore-ironman online game time highscores on BadKush.

Hardcore-Ironman Online Game Time HighScores

RankUsernameOnline Game Time
1Linkishard (Insane Hardcore Ironman)21,296 Mins
2Already Dead (Insane Hardcore Ironman)20,812 Mins
3Myizaredazfk (Insane Hardcore Ironman)15,782 Mins
4Alt Alt Try2 (Insane Hardcore Ironman)15,242 Mins
5HC Matt (Hardcore Ironman)11,096 Mins
6I Die Alot (Insane Hardcore Ironman)9,429 Mins
7Iron Evigt (Insane Hardcore Ironman)8,888 Mins
8Dyl (Hardcore Ironman)8,491 Mins
9Life (Hardcore Ironman)8,220 Mins
10Fckr (Insane Hardcore Ironman)6,903 Mins
11Iron Gator (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)4,639 Mins
12Not4Every1 (Hardcore Ironman)4,282 Mins
13Hcim (Hardcore Ironman)3,383 Mins
14Tigger (Insane Hardcore Ironman)3,168 Mins
15Kons Blunt (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)2,954 Mins
16Wet (Hardcore Ironman)2,796 Mins
17Girl (Insane Hardcore Ironman)2,393 Mins
18Immortal (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)2,204 Mins
19Hcick (Hardcore Ironman)1,923 Mins
20Universal (Hardcore Ironman)1,862 Mins
21ISuckAtHCIM (Hardcore Ironman)1,860 Mins
22Cantiron (Insane Hardcore Ironman)1,384 Mins
23HC Dagger (Hardcore Ironman)1,335 Mins
24Stank Weed (Hardcore Ironman)1,225 Mins
25ClownPosse (Insane Hardcore Ironman)1,204 Mins
26B2B (Hardcore Ironman)1,059 Mins
27Easy Mode (Insane Hardcore Ironman)992 Mins
28Archetype (Hardcore Ironman)696 Mins
29HC Yak Attac (Insane Hardcore Ironman)660 Mins
30420blazeit (Insane Hardcore Ironman)645 Mins
31NoDreamsHere (Hardcore Ironman)552 Mins
32Dontdienerd (Hardcore Ironman)533 Mins
33System32 (Hardcore Ironman)517 Mins
34No Die Pls (Insane Hardcore Ironman)515 Mins
35Artistic (Hardcore Ironman)514 Mins
36Nab (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)514 Mins
37Silence (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)508 Mins
38StonedIron (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)455 Mins
39Ded Hcim (Insane Hardcore Ironman)447 Mins
40Im Hard (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)435 Mins
410menn (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)435 Mins
42Moot (Hardcore Ironman)425 Mins
43HC 999TH TRY (Hardcore Ironman)401 Mins
44Hard Zohan (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)386 Mins
45Itsamefabio (Insane Hardcore Ironman)373 Mins
46Dreamer (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)367 Mins
47Mariah (Hardcore Ironman)363 Mins
48Eeyore (Hardcore Ironman)322 Mins
49Wild Slut (Hardcore Ironman)317 Mins
50Macco (Hardcore Ironman)301 Mins
51Hic (Insane Hardcore Ironman)296 Mins
52Fe Mark (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)259 Mins
53HC Nokz (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)256 Mins
54Legit (Hardcore Ironman)224 Mins
55Walkinglife (Insane Hardcore Ironman)207 Mins
56Awesome Kush (Insane Hardcore Ironman)205 Mins
57Senor Slutty (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)198 Mins
58Whyidothis (Insane Hardcore Ironman)186 Mins
59Ported (Hardcore Ironman)177 Mins
60God Bud (Hardcore Ironman)166 Mins
61Janoski (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)161 Mins
62Idontdie (Hardcore Ironman)158 Mins
63Ew (Hardcore Ironman)151 Mins
64Muralose (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)150 Mins
65Musi (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)149 Mins
66DrugStore (Insane Hardcore Ironman)147 Mins
67Hc Sluttyy (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)142 Mins
68HC DOOM (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)141 Mins
69Mr99 Skills (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)140 Mins
70Farming (Hardcore Ironman)138 Mins
71H Im (Insane Hardcore Ironman)134 Mins
72Passwords V2 (Insane Hardcore Ironman)132 Mins
73Hcim Envy (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)129 Mins
74Snawt (Hardcore Ironman)129 Mins
75Special (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)127 Mins
76Wildyy Hcim (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)122 Mins
77Dontafkslay (Hardcore Ironman)118 Mins
78Maco (Hardcore Ironman)117 Mins
79Jeff (Hardcore Ironman)117 Mins
80Cye (Hardcore Ironman)115 Mins
81Hardcore (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)113 Mins
82Stardog (Hardcore Ironman)113 Mins
83Snawty (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)113 Mins
84Weezyz (Insane Hardcore Ironman)112 Mins
85Hc Mac (Hardcore Ironman)111 Mins
86HC V7 (Hardcore Ironman)110 Mins
87Xero (Hardcore Ironman)110 Mins
88It Is Valor (Hardcore Ironman)110 Mins
89Suki (Hardcore Ironman)109 Mins
90K3 (Hardcore Ironman)109 Mins
91Pellakas3 (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)108 Mins
92Sarah4TheWin (Insane Hardcore Ironman)108 Mins
93HC Mosh (Hardcore Ironman)108 Mins
94HCdoom (Hardcore Ironman)108 Mins
95Darx (Hardcore Ironman)107 Mins
96Spank Mr S (Hardcore Ironman)107 Mins
97El Guapoooo (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)107 Mins
98Macroz (Hardcore Ironman)107 Mins
99Psyctussamed (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)104 Mins
100Hc Macr0z (Hardcore Ironman)102 Mins
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