BadKush Highscores

The ultimate-ironman woodcutting highscores on BadKush.

Ultimate-Ironman Woodcutting HighScores

1Teeh (Ultimate Ironman)1110
2Stein (Ultimate Ironman)14246,659
3Ultimate Sex (Ultimate Ironman)09916,399,726
4UIM Password (Ultimate Ironman)09914,889,228
5Ranarr Smoke (Ultimate Ironman)09913,881,435
6UIM Massiah (Ultimate Ironman)09812,566,581
7UIM Moshpit (Ultimate Ironman)0905,425,200
8Kx (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)0751,331,994
9A Haze Blunt (Ultimate Ironman)0731,061,355
10Bankrupt (Ultimate Ironman)0731,044,517
11Yum (Insane Ultimate Ironman)068614,275
12Salem (Insane Ultimate Ironman)067578,984
13Fabio2rd (Insane Ultimate Ironman)065485,009
14J2B (Ultimate Ironman)065462,375
15UIM Feelix (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)061332,302
16Tat2myult (Ultimate Ironman)061310,500
17J J (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)053139,347
18L (Ultimate Ironman)04992,475
19Ulazy (Ultimate Ironman)04889,437
20BrutisTheUIM (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)03934,593
21No Bank (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)03831,406
22ULTY (Ultimate Ironman)03523,625
23UWeezy (Insane Ultimate Ironman)0258,616
24Lets Haze (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)0258,381
25Pack Master (Insane Ultimate Ironman)0236,800
26Uim oe (Ultimate Ironman)0225,625
27IUIM Feelix (Insane Ultimate Ironman)0173,200
28The Freak (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)0132,062
29Ly Stoned (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)091,125
30Ironchinz (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)091,125
31SapphireElm (Insane Ultimate Ironman)05400
32Uim Purpp (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)03187
33WhatsABank (Insane Ultimate Ironman)010
34420 (Ultimate Ironman)010
35Luke (Ultimate Ironman)010
36Momma annie (Ultimate Ironman)010
37Teehje (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
38Tony stark (Ultimate Ironman)010
39NellyHCIM (Ultimate Ironman)010
40System Flood (Insane Ultimate Ironman)010
41GOOFY (Ultimate Ironman)010
42Apollo (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
43Silent Hill (Ultimate Ironman)010
44Farm (Ultimate Ironman)010
45Mega Tour (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
46Kenny (Ultimate Ironman)010
47Jurek (Ultimate Ironman)010
48Hell raiser (Ultimate Ironman)010
49Kush (Ultimate Ironman)010
50Uim Sluttyyy (Ultimate Ironman)010
51Bundez (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
52Notironnokz (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
53So Baked (Ultimate Ironman)010
54Fabio3st (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
55Ultimate (Ultimate Ironman)010
56UIM Fungus (Ultimate Ironman)010
57Rob (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
58Austin (Ultimate Ironman)010
59Sleptly (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
60Grr (Ultimate Ironman)010
61Dante (Ultimate Ironman)010
62UIMGlen (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
63Ulti slutty (Ultimate Ironman)010
64Uim main (Ultimate Ironman)010
65Kfc Manager (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
66Dwhipmymom (Ultimate Ironman)010
67Dong (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
68Uim pleb (Ultimate Ironman)010
69Sea Shanty (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
70314341432412 (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
71TheDrugs (Ultimate Ironman)010
72Uim Pound (Ultimate Ironman)010
73Afk (Ultimate Ironman)010
74Zinon (Insane Ultimate Ironman)010
75Kfc Mod (Ultimate Ironman)010
76Long Slong (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
77Uim Slutty (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
78Str8insane (Insane Ultimate Ironman)010
79Backpack (Ultimate Ironman)010
80Dakota (Extreme Ultimate Ironman)010
81Fabio2 (Ultimate Ironman)010
82Uim Slut (Insane Ultimate Ironman)010
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