BadKush Highscores

The hardcore-ironman trivia highscores on BadKush.

Hardcore-Ironman Trivia HighScores

RankUsernameTotal Trivia Wins
1Myizaredazfk (Insane Hardcore Ironman)413
2Dyl (Hardcore Ironman)377
3Wet (Hardcore Ironman)238
4Life (Hardcore Ironman)83
5I Die Alot (Insane Hardcore Ironman)82
6ISuckAtHCIM (Hardcore Ironman)76
7Nab (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)65
8Kons Blunt (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)56
9NoDreamsHere (Hardcore Ironman)36
10No Die Pls (Insane Hardcore Ironman)35
11Artistic (Hardcore Ironman)33
12Stank Weed (Hardcore Ironman)28
13Cantiron (Insane Hardcore Ironman)25
14Archetype (Hardcore Ironman)24
15Hic (Insane Hardcore Ironman)23
16Im Hard (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)21
17HC Nokz (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)13
18Easy Mode (Insane Hardcore Ironman)13
19Silence (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)12
20420blazeit (Insane Hardcore Ironman)10
21Universal (Hardcore Ironman)10
22Mariah (Hardcore Ironman)9
23Dreamer (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)9
24Moot (Hardcore Ironman)8
25Fe Mark (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)8
26Alt Alt Try2 (Insane Hardcore Ironman)7
27Iron Evigt (Insane Hardcore Ironman)7
28Immortal (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)7
29Whyidothis (Insane Hardcore Ironman)6
30Already Dead (Insane Hardcore Ironman)5
31Macco (Hardcore Ironman)5
32DrugStore (Insane Hardcore Ironman)5
33Dontdienerd (Hardcore Ironman)4
34Ew (Hardcore Ironman)4
35HC Yak Attac (Insane Hardcore Ironman)3
36HC Dagger (Hardcore Ironman)3
37Hc Sluttyy (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)3
38Not4Every1 (Hardcore Ironman)2
39B2B (Hardcore Ironman)2
40Hcick (Hardcore Ironman)2
41Hcim Envy (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)2
420menn (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)2
43Awesome Kush (Insane Hardcore Ironman)2
44ClownPosse (Insane Hardcore Ironman)2
45Girl (Insane Hardcore Ironman)2
46Walkinglife (Insane Hardcore Ironman)2
47Weezyz (Insane Hardcore Ironman)2
48Hard Zohan (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)1
49HC DOOM (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)1
50Senor Slutty (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)1
51Hcim (Hardcore Ironman)1
52Linkishard (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0
53Maco (Hardcore Ironman)0
54God Bud (Hardcore Ironman)0
55Macroz (Hardcore Ironman)0
56HC 999TH TRY (Hardcore Ironman)0
57Idontdie (Hardcore Ironman)0
58Tigger (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0
59Hc Macr0z (Hardcore Ironman)0
60Wild Slut (Hardcore Ironman)0
61Fckr (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0
62Snawt (Hardcore Ironman)0
63Ported (Hardcore Ironman)0
64Dontafkslay (Hardcore Ironman)0
65Eeyore (Hardcore Ironman)0
66K3 (Hardcore Ironman)0
67Muralose (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)0
68Cye (Hardcore Ironman)0
69Itsamefabio (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0
70Jeff (Hardcore Ironman)0
71Hc Mac (Hardcore Ironman)0
72Wildyy Hcim (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)0
73Snawty (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)0
74Stardog (Hardcore Ironman)0
75HC V7 (Hardcore Ironman)0
76It Is Valor (Hardcore Ironman)0
77Mr99 Skills (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)0
78HC Mosh (Hardcore Ironman)0
79Passwords V2 (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0
80StonedIron (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)0
81Janoski (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)0
82HCdoom (Hardcore Ironman)0
83Xero (Hardcore Ironman)0
84H Im (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0
85Farming (Hardcore Ironman)0
86Spank Mr S (Hardcore Ironman)0
87Pellakas3 (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)0
88Psyctussamed (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)0
89Suki (Hardcore Ironman)0
90Darx (Hardcore Ironman)0
91Hardcore (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)0
92El Guapoooo (Extreme Hardcore Ironman)0
93Sarah4TheWin (Insane Hardcore Ironman)0
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