BadKush Highscores

The ironman herblore highscores on BadKush.

Ironman Herblore HighScores

1Voforlive (Ironman)259913,034,431
2Mf (Ironman)139914,440,877
3HC MoshPit (Ironman)29918,105,943
4Oe (Ironman)29913,725,631
5Mental (Insane Ironman)19913,061,313
6Whatsiron (Ironman)1853,383,201
7Ironman (Ironman)110
8Lol Your Fat (Ironman)09938,956,448
9Myizaredasfk (Ironman)09921,342,632
10Iron Brutis (Ironman)09917,384,307
11Barfy66 (Ironman)09916,687,126
12HC Stoner (Ironman)09914,324,308
13HC 3RD TRY (Ironman)09914,244,847
14Iron Odens (Ironman)09913,448,544
15Norin Ykcal (Ironman)09913,290,528
16Zero (Extreme Ironman)09913,249,576
17X Jemima (Ironman)09913,240,607
18Leech (Ironman)09913,238,251
19Irongetrip (Ironman)09913,171,444
20Prater44 (Ironman)09913,110,532
21Iron Life (Ironman)09913,104,691
22Samuel (Ironman)09913,078,224
23Lab (Ironman)09913,038,926
24Ree (Ironman)09913,035,840
25Beta Tester (Extreme Ironman)09913,034,431
26Ironkalata (Ironman)0958,894,095
27Safers Alt (Insane Ironman)0948,090,157
28Burnt (Insane Ironman)0937,663,412
29Iron Mosh (Ironman)0937,280,644
30Atheist (Insane Ironman)0937,257,454
31Stamina (Ironman)0926,816,787
32Why Die (Insane Ironman)0916,109,302
33Ironboss (Ironman)0916,035,961
343rdside (Extreme Ironman)0905,832,946
35Matty Boi (Ironman)0905,654,066
36Sunjet (Extreme Ironman)0895,165,155
37Uncle (Extreme Ironman)0874,194,286
38Funq (Extreme Ironman)0874,150,642
39Iron Eddy (Ironman)0863,882,148
40Dmallsick (Extreme Ironman)0863,723,047
411nthMembrane (Insane Ironman)0853,514,557
42Papa (Ironman)0853,407,136
43Iron Buddz (Extreme Ironman)0843,043,633
44Loot (Ironman)0842,973,456
45Deryas (Ironman)0822,619,264
46Bot (Extreme Ironman)0812,352,094
47Heathen (Ironman)0812,330,534
48Irontom (Ironman)0812,310,912
49Iron Nokz (Ironman)0812,195,424
50Ferum (Extreme Ironman)0802,035,520
51Stoned (Ironman)0791,827,072
52Bubba Kush (Ironman)0781,653,119
53Cat (Ironman)0761,382,764
54Knock Sucks (Insane Ironman)0761,375,981
55Milkyyy (Ironman)0761,373,252
56Miksyy (Extreme Ironman)0751,270,062
57Flyron (Ironman)0751,262,544
58Zillakami (Ironman)0741,149,792
59DrugDealers (Extreme Ironman)0731,010,165
60Ptrs65 (Ironman)072987,129
61Bong Water2 (Ironman)070748,896
62Bundy (Ironman)067595,776
63Lil B20 (Extreme Ironman)067590,531
64Ironn (Insane Ironman)065483,436
65High KC (Ironman)065452,160
66Cant Trade (Ironman)064433,152
67Goodmeme (Extreme Ironman)063400,960
68Iron Mage (Ironman)062365,558
69Ironjdm (Ironman)062361,920
70MemeCal (Extreme Ironman)062359,536
71Iron Zohan (Ironman)061315,523
72HCIM Brutis (Extreme Ironman)061305,000
73Sewer (Ironman)058225,268
74Iron Durza (Extreme Ironman)056189,738
75Tzatzyke (Extreme Ironman)056187,544
76Iron Sheep (Extreme Ironman)054153,440
77Ironsniffa (Ironman)053150,720
78Iron Weedy (Ironman)053144,960
79Iron Andrew (Ironman)052133,581
80Hcim Purpp (Extreme Ironman)051123,648
81Cant Die (Insane Ironman)051117,350
82The Iron Man (Insane Ironman)050110,864
83Gonna Die (Insane Ironman)04889,415
84Iron Mane (Extreme Ironman)04776,736
85Fe Zanik (Ironman)04671,424
86Iron Spunk (Extreme Ironman)04460,256
87Iron Law (Ironman)04353,760
88Iron angel (Ironman)04248,000
89Phem (Extreme Ironman)03830,777
90Mo (Extreme Ironman)03319,488
91IronLilDaddy (Extreme Ironman)0258,496
92Iron Lungs (Extreme Ironman)0258,400
93Iron Gin (Extreme Ironman)0215,600
94Final Boss (Ironman)0194,320
95Weez (Insane Ironman)0162,885
96Q2 (Insane Ironman)0162,867
97Hc Slutty (Extreme Ironman)0142,318
98Wildy Hcim (Ironman)0111,440
99Brad (Ironman)07672
100Zak (Extreme Ironman)06528
101Xannyy (Extreme Ironman)04312
102Pi (Insane Ironman)02129
103Link Is Hard (Ironman)010
104Caxtilho (Ironman)010
105Iron Glax (Ironman)010
106Exeggutor (Ironman)010
107Ironspaccie (Ironman)010
108Faultier (Ironman)010
109Platypus (Ironman)010
110Iron billion (Ironman)010
111Iron Fox (Ironman)010
112Large (Extreme Ironman)010
113HCIM Kon (Extreme Ironman)010
114Junior (Ironman)010
115Iron angels (Ironman)010
116King Volcano (Ironman)010
117Iron Shotgun (Extreme Ironman)010
118Hef (Extreme Ironman)010
119Chief Keef (Ironman)010
120Rs3 Rules (Ironman)010
121Hard Wink (Extreme Ironman)010
122Fake Af (Extreme Ironman)010
123Klaypex (Extreme Ironman)010
124My Gf Is 17 (Extreme Ironman)010
125MetalHead (Extreme Ironman)010
126Ironchong (Extreme Ironman)010
127Iron joe (Ironman)010
128Iron Bam (Extreme Ironman)010
129Fourme (Ironman)010
130Indica (Extreme Ironman)010
131Drips (Ironman)010
132Iron nata (Ironman)010
133Iron Meti (Ironman)010
134Ballzofiron (Ironman)010
135Nice guy (Ironman)010
136Guy (Ironman)010
137Zezima (Ironman)010
138OldManPrismo (Ironman)010
139Iron Master (Extreme Ironman)010
140Chief (Insane Ironman)010
141Slutty (Extreme Ironman)010
142Ski (Extreme Ironman)010
143Slabs (Ironman)010
144Nae (Ironman)010
14550cent (Ironman)010
146Iron Niko (Extreme Ironman)010
147Cuxy Iron (Ironman)010
148Kirito (Ironman)010
149Nic (Ironman)010
150Jordan (Extreme Ironman)010
151UCHIHA (Extreme Ironman)010
152Iron Dagger (Extreme Ironman)010
153Iron Beard (Ironman)010
154Arbalist (Ironman)010
155Altex (Extreme Ironman)010
156Fvnk (Insane Ironman)010
157CarrotVision (Ironman)010
158Virus (Ironman)010
159Daniels v3 (Ironman)010
160Kons Bong (Extreme Ironman)010
161Molk (Ironman)010
162Hcim Test02 (Ironman)010
163Mr Skill (Ironman)010
164Iron keeks (Ironman)010
165Holysmokes (Extreme Ironman)010
166Y (Ironman)010
167Iron Link (Insane Ironman)010
168Gregorivic3 (Ironman)010
169Wildy Only (Ironman)010
170Seven (Extreme Ironman)010
171Purple clone (Ironman)010
172LSx (Ironman)010
173Fabio (Extreme Ironman)010
174Iron Hunden (Extreme Ironman)010
175Iron Din (Extreme Ironman)010
176Daniconar (Ironman)010
177Viiking (Ironman)010
178Iron Munk (Ironman)010
179System (Ironman)010
180Iron failure (Ironman)010
181Hey im tom (Ironman)010
182Milky (Ironman)010
183Jenleigh (Ironman)010
184Iron Matt (Ironman)010
185Hi (Ironman)010
186Baba Yaga (Ironman)010
187Trade Me (Insane Ironman)010
188Scharnhorst (Ironman)010
189Deela (Extreme Ironman)010
190Wartortle (Ironman)010
191Dad (Ironman)010
192Metsataat (Ironman)010
193Im Dab (Extreme Ironman)010
194Tenshi (Extreme Ironman)010
195Iron Drake (Extreme Ironman)010
196Ste (Ironman)010
197Iron man (Extreme Ironman)010
198Michael (Insane Ironman)010
199Mage (Extreme Ironman)010
200Ironmanvalor (Ironman)010
201Fe grumpy (Ironman)010
202Iron cosmo (Ironman)010
203Debt Collect (Ironman)010
204Saner0 (Ironman)010
205Ironic (Ironman)010
206Dishearted (Ironman)010
207Iron Butt (Extreme Ironman)010
208Iron V1sk3y (Insane Ironman)010
209Bisharp (Ironman)010
210Wildy Slutty (Ironman)010
211Noob (Ironman)010
212Rare 9s (Ironman)010
213Oromis (Insane Ironman)010
214MobBizz916 (Insane Ironman)010
215Iron cheddar (Ironman)010
216Iron Fjord (Extreme Ironman)010
217Ezgame (Ironman)010
218FingerMe (Extreme Ironman)010
219Nork (Ironman)010
220Buddz Quest (Insane Ironman)010
221Ryankill45 (Ironman)010
222Anonymous (Ironman)010
223Ex Fe Oe (Extreme Ironman)010
224BertoneFtw (Extreme Ironman)010
225Redsaber22 (Extreme Ironman)010
226Coke (Ironman)010
227Insiron (Insane Ironman)010
228Iron 666 (Extreme Ironman)010
229Kfc Customer (Ironman)010
230Smurf (Ironman)010
231Error 404 (Extreme Ironman)010
232Fe Death (Insane Ironman)010
233DONACYTO (Extreme Ironman)010
234Ragnar0k (Ironman)010
235False (Extreme Ironman)010
236Panda (Ironman)010
237ManiacalMonk (Ironman)010
238Alt Alt (Insane Ironman)010
239I Am Stoned (Extreme Ironman)010
240Iron Munkir (Extreme Ironman)010
241Onenuttin (Extreme Ironman)010
242Sapphire (Ironman)010
243No drops (Ironman)010
244The Slutt (Ironman)010
245Naoe (Ironman)010
246Hcim Slutty (Extreme Ironman)010
247X side (Ironman)010
248G (Extreme Ironman)010
249Runelite (Extreme Ironman)010
250Testz (Ironman)010
251Radio Active (Extreme Ironman)010
252Zoidberg (Ironman)010
253Vofordeath (Ironman)010
254Barlo (Extreme Ironman)010
255Mage Only (Extreme Ironman)010
256PIN (Ironman)010
257Ink (Extreme Ironman)010
258Blastoise (Extreme Ironman)010
259GG Pack (Extreme Ironman)010
260Q (Insane Ironman)010
261XTC (Extreme Ironman)010
262Box Lunch (Extreme Ironman)010
263Solo (Ironman)010
264Omar (Ironman)010
265Jtino97 (Ironman)010
266Fishy (Ironman)010
267Creation69 (Ironman)010
268N (Extreme Ironman)010
269Wclord999 (Ironman)010
270Shrooms (Ironman)010
271Crackdown2 (Ironman)010
272Ice Poseidon (Ironman)010
273Iron Brutis (Extreme Ironman)010
274Grind Zohan (Insane Ironman)010
275Ryu (Insane Ironman)010
276Zyrion (Extreme Ironman)010
277Alex Wc (Extreme Ironman)010
278Joey (Extreme Ironman)010
279Stargazer (Ironman)010
280Maverick (Ironman)010
281Hcim Slut (Ironman)010
282IM Righteous (Extreme Ironman)010
28369 (Ironman)010
284Packs (Insane Ironman)010
285Im Bart (Extreme Ironman)010
286LYCUS (Extreme Ironman)010
287A Dry Shart (Extreme Ironman)010
288HCIM Fab (Insane Ironman)010
289GIM Mac (Ironman)010
290Hsukdab (Extreme Ironman)010
291Foo (Ironman)010
292100oz (Ironman)010
293Rain (Ironman)010
294Iron 8 (Extreme Ironman)010
295Chaosfanatic (Extreme Ironman)010
296Haye (Ironman)010
297Spacie (Ironman)010
298Sunwolfy (Ironman)010
299Molten (Extreme Ironman)010
300Slut Nation (Insane Ironman)010
301Amnesiia (Insane Ironman)010
302DrugDealer (Extreme Ironman)010
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