BadKush Highscores

The ironman pest control highscores on BadKush.

Ironman Pest Control HighScores

RankUsernamePest Control Wins
1Burnt (Insane Ironman)178
2Zero (Extreme Ironman)110
3Stamina (Ironman)90
4Matty Boi (Ironman)90
5Link Is Hard (Ironman)86
6Zillakami (Ironman)86
73rdside (Extreme Ironman)83
8Iron Zohan (Ironman)75
9Voforlive (Ironman)74
10Bot (Extreme Ironman)74
11Mf (Ironman)72
12Flyron (Ironman)70
13Barfy66 (Ironman)61
14Lol Your Fat (Ironman)56
15Mental (Insane Ironman)47
16Iron Mosh (Ironman)47
17Sunjet (Extreme Ironman)46
18Sewer (Ironman)40
19Phem (Extreme Ironman)40
20HC MoshPit (Ironman)34
21Iron Life (Ironman)30
22The Iron Man (Insane Ironman)26
23Why Die (Insane Ironman)25
24Atheist (Insane Ironman)23
25Slabs (Ironman)13
26Hard Wink (Extreme Ironman)10
27Iron Brutis (Ironman)8
28Myizaredasfk (Ironman)2
29Iron Buddz (Extreme Ironman)2
30Safers Alt (Insane Ironman)2
31Stoned (Ironman)2
32Oe (Ironman)0
33Not Spawned (Ironman)0
34Lab (Ironman)0
35HC Stoner (Ironman)0
36Ironman (Ironman)0
37Whatsiron (Ironman)0
38Ironboss (Ironman)0
39Iron Mage (Ironman)0
40DrugDealers (Extreme Ironman)0
41Papa (Ironman)0
42Deryas (Ironman)0
43Irongetrip (Ironman)0
44Iron Weedy (Ironman)0
45Ironsniffa (Ironman)0
46Ironjdm (Ironman)0
47Caxtilho (Ironman)0
48Funq (Extreme Ironman)0
49Prater44 (Ironman)0
50Iron Odens (Ironman)0
51X Jemima (Ironman)0
52Iron Eddy (Ironman)0
53Irontom (Ironman)0
54Brad (Ironman)0
55Iron Glax (Ironman)0
56Exeggutor (Ironman)0
57Norin Ykcal (Ironman)0
58Ree (Ironman)0
59Beta Tester (Extreme Ironman)0
60Leech (Ironman)0
61Samuel (Ironman)0
62Knock Sucks (Insane Ironman)0
63Ironkalata (Ironman)0
64Uncle (Extreme Ironman)0
65Iron Nokz (Ironman)0
66HC 3RD TRY (Ironman)0
67Ferum (Extreme Ironman)0
68Gonna Die (Insane Ironman)0
69Ironspaccie (Ironman)0
70Loot (Ironman)0
71Bong Water2 (Ironman)0
72Milkyyy (Ironman)0
73Faultier (Ironman)0
74Ptrs65 (Ironman)0
75Iron Sheep (Extreme Ironman)0
76Cat (Ironman)0
77MemeCal (Extreme Ironman)0
78Tzatzyke (Extreme Ironman)0
79Iron Gin (Extreme Ironman)0
80Dmallsick (Extreme Ironman)0
81Cant Trade (Ironman)0
82Lil B20 (Extreme Ironman)0
831nthMembrane (Insane Ironman)0
84Platypus (Ironman)0
85Iron billion (Ironman)0
86Iron Lungs (Extreme Ironman)0
87Iron Fox (Ironman)0
88Iron angel (Ironman)0
89Heathen (Ironman)0
90Large (Extreme Ironman)0
91HCIM Kon (Extreme Ironman)0
92Junior (Ironman)0
93Q2 (Insane Ironman)0
94Goodmeme (Extreme Ironman)0
95Zak (Extreme Ironman)0
96Miksyy (Extreme Ironman)0
97HCIM Brutis (Extreme Ironman)0
98High KC (Ironman)0
99Hc Slutty (Extreme Ironman)0
100Iron Spunk (Extreme Ironman)0
101Iron angels (Ironman)0
102Fe Zanik (Ironman)0
103King Volcano (Ironman)0
104Iron Shotgun (Extreme Ironman)0
105Hef (Extreme Ironman)0
106Iron Andrew (Ironman)0
107Chief Keef (Ironman)0
108Mo (Extreme Ironman)0
109Rs3 Rules (Ironman)0
110Iron Law (Ironman)0
111Fake Af (Extreme Ironman)0
112Klaypex (Extreme Ironman)0
113Iron Durza (Extreme Ironman)0
114Ironn (Insane Ironman)0
115Iron Mane (Extreme Ironman)0
116Xannyy (Extreme Ironman)0
117My Gf Is 17 (Extreme Ironman)0
118MetalHead (Extreme Ironman)0
119Cant Die (Insane Ironman)0
120Ironchong (Extreme Ironman)0
121Iron joe (Ironman)0
122Bubba Kush (Ironman)0
123Wildy Hcim (Ironman)0
124Iron Bam (Extreme Ironman)0
125Pi (Insane Ironman)0
126Fourme (Ironman)0
127Indica (Extreme Ironman)0
128Drips (Ironman)0
129Iron nata (Ironman)0
130Iron Meti (Ironman)0
131Ballzofiron (Ironman)0
132Nice guy (Ironman)0
133Guy (Ironman)0
134Zezima (Ironman)0
135OldManPrismo (Ironman)0
136Iron Master (Extreme Ironman)0
137Chief (Insane Ironman)0
138Slutty (Extreme Ironman)0
139Weez (Insane Ironman)0
140Final Boss (Ironman)0
141Ski (Extreme Ironman)0
142Hcim Purpp (Extreme Ironman)0
143Nae (Ironman)0
14450cent (Ironman)0
145IronLilDaddy (Extreme Ironman)0
146Iron Niko (Extreme Ironman)0
147Cuxy Iron (Ironman)0
148Kirito (Ironman)0
149Nic (Ironman)0
150Jordan (Extreme Ironman)0
151UCHIHA (Extreme Ironman)0
152Iron Dagger (Extreme Ironman)0
153Iron Beard (Ironman)0
154Arbalist (Ironman)0
155Altex (Extreme Ironman)0
156Fvnk (Insane Ironman)0
157CarrotVision (Ironman)0
158Virus (Ironman)0
159Daniels v3 (Ironman)0
160Kons Bong (Extreme Ironman)0
161Molk (Ironman)0
162Hcim Test02 (Ironman)0
163Mr Skill (Ironman)0
164Iron keeks (Ironman)0
165Holysmokes (Extreme Ironman)0
166Y (Ironman)0
167Iron Link (Insane Ironman)0
168Gregorivic3 (Ironman)0
169Wildy Only (Ironman)0
170Seven (Extreme Ironman)0
171Purple clone (Ironman)0
172LSx (Ironman)0
173Fabio (Extreme Ironman)0
174Iron Hunden (Extreme Ironman)0
175Iron Din (Extreme Ironman)0
176Bundy (Ironman)0
177Daniconar (Ironman)0
178Viiking (Ironman)0
179Iron Munk (Ironman)0
180System (Ironman)0
181Iron failure (Ironman)0
182Hey im tom (Ironman)0
183Milky (Ironman)0
184Jenleigh (Ironman)0
185Iron Matt (Ironman)0
186Hi (Ironman)0
187Baba Yaga (Ironman)0
188Trade Me (Insane Ironman)0
189Scharnhorst (Ironman)0
190Deela (Extreme Ironman)0
191Wartortle (Ironman)0
192Dad (Ironman)0
193Metsataat (Ironman)0
194Im Dab (Extreme Ironman)0
195Tenshi (Extreme Ironman)0
196Iron Drake (Extreme Ironman)0
197Ste (Ironman)0
198Iron man (Extreme Ironman)0
199Michael (Insane Ironman)0
200Mage (Extreme Ironman)0
201Ironmanvalor (Ironman)0
202Fe grumpy (Ironman)0
203Iron cosmo (Ironman)0
204Debt Collect (Ironman)0
205Saner0 (Ironman)0
206Ironic (Ironman)0
207Dishearted (Ironman)0
208Iron Butt (Extreme Ironman)0
209Iron V1sk3y (Insane Ironman)0
210Bisharp (Ironman)0
211Wildy Slutty (Ironman)0
212Noob (Ironman)0
213Rare 9s (Ironman)0
214Oromis (Insane Ironman)0
215MobBizz916 (Insane Ironman)0
216Iron cheddar (Ironman)0
217Iron Fjord (Extreme Ironman)0
218Ezgame (Ironman)0
219FingerMe (Extreme Ironman)0
220Nork (Ironman)0
221Buddz Quest (Insane Ironman)0
222MineGamerBR (Insane Ironman)0
223Ryankill45 (Ironman)0
224Anonymous (Ironman)0
225Ex Fe Oe (Extreme Ironman)0
226BertoneFtw (Extreme Ironman)0
227Redsaber22 (Extreme Ironman)0
228Coke (Ironman)0
229Insiron (Insane Ironman)0
230Iron 666 (Extreme Ironman)0
231Kfc Customer (Ironman)0
232Smurf (Ironman)0
233Error 404 (Extreme Ironman)0
234Fe Death (Insane Ironman)0
235DONACYTO (Extreme Ironman)0
236Ragnar0k (Ironman)0
237False (Extreme Ironman)0
238Panda (Ironman)0
239ManiacalMonk (Ironman)0
240Alt Alt (Insane Ironman)0
241I Am Stoned (Extreme Ironman)0
242Iron Munkir (Extreme Ironman)0
243Onenuttin (Extreme Ironman)0
244Sapphire (Ironman)0
245No drops (Ironman)0
246The Slutt (Ironman)0
247Naoe (Ironman)0
248Hcim Slutty (Extreme Ironman)0
249X side (Ironman)0
250G (Extreme Ironman)0
251Runelite (Extreme Ironman)0
252Testz (Ironman)0
253Radio Active (Extreme Ironman)0
254Zoidberg (Ironman)0
255Vofordeath (Ironman)0
256Barlo (Extreme Ironman)0
257Mage Only (Extreme Ironman)0
258PIN (Ironman)0
259Ink (Extreme Ironman)0
260Blastoise (Extreme Ironman)0
261GG Pack (Extreme Ironman)0
262Q (Insane Ironman)0
263XTC (Extreme Ironman)0
264Box Lunch (Extreme Ironman)0
265Solo (Ironman)0
266Omar (Ironman)0
267Jtino97 (Ironman)0
268Fishy (Ironman)0
269Creation69 (Ironman)0
270N (Extreme Ironman)0
271Wclord999 (Ironman)0
272Shrooms (Ironman)0
273Crackdown2 (Ironman)0
274Ice Poseidon (Ironman)0
275Iron Brutis (Extreme Ironman)0
276Grind Zohan (Insane Ironman)0
277Ryu (Insane Ironman)0
278Zyrion (Extreme Ironman)0
279Alex Wc (Extreme Ironman)0
280Joey (Extreme Ironman)0
281Stargazer (Ironman)0
282Maverick (Ironman)0
283Hcim Slut (Ironman)0
284IM Righteous (Extreme Ironman)0
28569 (Ironman)0
286Packs (Insane Ironman)0
287Im Bart (Extreme Ironman)0
288LYCUS (Extreme Ironman)0
289A Dry Shart (Extreme Ironman)0
290HCIM Fab (Insane Ironman)0
291GIM Mac (Ironman)0
292Hsukdab (Extreme Ironman)0
293Foo (Ironman)0
294100oz (Ironman)0
295Rain (Ironman)0
296Iron 8 (Extreme Ironman)0
297Chaosfanatic (Extreme Ironman)0
298Haye (Ironman)0
299Spacie (Ironman)0
300Sunwolfy (Ironman)0
301Molten (Extreme Ironman)0
302Slut Nation (Insane Ironman)0
303Amnesiia (Insane Ironman)0
304DrugDealer (Extreme Ironman)0
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